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VEDIC and SVES have also been recognized for their quality work at the national level through awards and recognitions. Students undergoing programmes at VEDIC have expressed their in-depth appreciation of the impact of the activities in their career and their lives.

Students have also expressed their creativity in various ways during and after the programmes. Faculty have presented papers at conferences as well as published articles in journals related to education and won awards.


Student Testimonials

I enjoyed a lot there.I learnt so many things which made me more confident than before.It is a best place where we can leave our can’ts and gain so much of strength.The best workshop that I had never seen.

Divya Vissamsetti

I really learnt many things , i knew about my strengths and what are the things i have to improve and for which things we have to give priority and how shud we be in a society, mainly i learnt how to handle others .thank you madam and sir for your support

Yeswitha Munagala

Hi..This is Udaykiran from VIT Bvrm.Actually it’s an excellent place to learn how to live and through this workshop we had come to know about ourselves completely and how to change our CANT’S to CANS …..we enjoyed a lot and we miss VEDIC…..

Udaykiran Dakavarapu

Hi, this is Jakeer Hussain from VIT BVRM. VEDIC Platform to build career .I don’t know who am I and what i can do,I understand my strengths and weaknesses and also solutions how to reduce weaknesses .what is teamwork and sharing thoughts I learned,I will say that I’ll be successful person .thank you

Jakeer Hussain Shaik



VEDIC played a key role and was highlighted by the jury in the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award in 2017

Outstanding Contribution to the Cause of Education – Times Ascen2018


Student Work

Students created vision boards during the Self Management Skills offered by VEDIC during May – Oct 2020

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Recent Publications

Publications related to VEDIC Programmes
Krishnan, S. (2018). Observations from Faculty Development Workshops in the Current Indian Context. Journal Of Engineering Education Transformations, doi:10.16920/jeet/2018/v0i0/120890
Sai Sailesh Kumar Goothy, Ravikanth Manyam, Gauthami S Penumatsa, Chandrashekar R, Sudhakara Reddy R, Augustine, Jebaselvi A, & Swathi Movva. (2019). Effectiveness of Intellectual Learning in Dentistry Practices on self-esteem, negative affectivity, social inhibition and cognitive functions in undergraduate students. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(2), 1214-1217. doi:10.26452/ijrps.v10i2.409
Krishnan, S. (2019, June), A Phased Faculty Development Program to Improve Teaching and Learning Paper presented at 2019 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition , Tampa, Florida. doi:10.18260/1-2–31982
Faculty Publications on Teaching and Learning Practices
Abburi, R., Praveena, M., & Priyakanth, R. (2021). TinkerCad – A Web Based Application for Virtual Labs to help Learners Think, Create and Make. Journal Of Engineering Education Transformations, 34, 535-541. doi:10.16920/jeet/2021/v34i0/157209
Priyakanth, R., Abburi, R., & Praveena, M. (2021). Design and Impact of Interactive Video Content for the Improvement of Student Engagement and Learning. Journal Of Engineering Education Transformations, 34, 518-523. doi:10.16920/jeet/2021/v34i0/157204
Parvathi, M. (2021). Activity Based Analysis and Prediction Strategy for the Class Room Performance Improvement. Journal Of Engineering Education Transformations, 34, 686-693. doi:10.16920/jeet/2021/v34i0/157167

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

– St. Francis of Assisi

When faculty are provided the time and space to think and brainstorm with their colleagues, they unknowingly surpass their individual limitations and begin to feel confident. VEDIC is a platform for sharing best practices across disciplines.