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Faculty & Staff Programmes

VEDIC offers programmes for teaching faculty, academic leadership and support staff to enable and empower them to perform their roles in the best possible manner.

our programmes

Faculty & Staff Programmes

VEDIC has offered 182 unique programs for faculty, support staff and leadership with a total participant count of 6,000+
VEDIC offers programs in the five categories below:

  • Programs on effective teaching and learning
  • Programs on innovation in research
  • Programs for enhancing leadership qualities
  • Programs related to career mentoring and skill development
  • Faculty Colloquia, Webinars and Lectures

Teaching & Learning

Learning Design

(Pedagogies, Learning Theories, Cognitive Load Theory, Active Cooperative Learning)

Scientific Educational Practices (SEP)

Student Learning in Instructional Design (SLIDE) Level 1 & Level 2

Inspire–Impact– Introspect (III) Level 1 & Level 2

Teaching & Learning

Education Technology

(Productivity Tools, LMS, App & Cloud Based Assessments, Learning Analytics, Dashboards)

Google Classroom

Think – Technology – Transform (TTT)

Immersive Instructional Technology (IIT)

Teaching & Learning

Content & Curriculum

(Learning Outcomes, Assessments, Curricular Gaps, Content Creation)

Theories of Curricular Design

Freshman Project

Course Design

Interactive Video Material Creation



Research Innovation

Cultivating a Research Mindset (CRM)

Research Readiness Strategies (RRS)

Advanced Research Techniques (ART)

Research Collaboration & Innovation

Group Photo from a workshop on research.

Faculty participants in a leadership workshop


Leadership & Culture

VEDIC Conclave

Principals Meet

Vibrant BVRIT

Unconscious Bias

Leadership in Teaching and Learning


Colloquia & Outreach

VEDIC Lecture Series

First Colloquium

Second Colloquium

Vishnu Online Interactive Colloquium on Education (VOICE)

Student activities in the classroom presented by the faculty at a faculty colloquium.


Skill-based Programs

NASSCOM Future Skills

Harappa Education

External Collaborations

Mentoring & Counselling

Self Development

Faculty & Staff Programmes

Faculty Workshops and Programmes @ VEDIC

Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is. The only function of a school is to make self-education easier; failing that, it does nothing.

– Isaac Asimov

When students are self motivated to seek new resources to learn, the institution has fulfilled its duty. VEDIC offers programs on self management and learning efficacy for students.