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Learning Design

Start Time

Dec 24, 2018
09:00 AM

End Time

Dec 29, 2018
04:30 PM




Mr. Abhilash, Ms. Anjali( BlockChain Developer at UST Global)


Learning Design

Workshop On Blockchain Development ( Hands on Workshop)

(6-day residential training programme for third year undergraduate B. Tech. students)

Day 1 : Introduction to Blockchain
P2P networking – Cryptography concepts – Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin – What is Blockchain? – Uses of blockchain – Components of Blockchain: Cryptography, P2P, Consensus Mechanism, Ledger, Validity Rules – why blockchain?: Reduce trust, Build a secure transaction System, Reconciliation, Transparency & ease of use, auditability, Enterprise requirements, performance, governance, speed, confidentiality, scalability, compliance, settlement finality, safeguards.

[Hands​ on Session] ​Introduction to Ethereum – geth – ethereum wallet

DAY 2: Distributed Ledger Technology V/s Blockchain
Distributed Ledger Technology – Use cases and Business Models – Open, Closed and Permissioned Blockchains – Smart Contracts: Solidity, Serpant – Protocols: Proof-of- work, Proof-of-stake, Proof-of-concept.

[Hands​ on Session] ​Ethereum wallet vs Mist browser – Metamask Extension – Ethereum Networks: Homestead Mainnet, ropsten testnet, Private Network.

DAY 3: Introducing DApps
Dapp concepts – Dapp Architecture – Web3js – testrpc – EVM – Smart Contracts – Compiling Smart contracts – Dapp frameworks & Platforms: Truffle, Embark, Lisk, Monax.

[Hands​ on Session] ​Dapp Building with console – Interaction with web3.js in web browser – Geth vs Testrpc

DAY 4: Grab a Framework
Data & Blockchain – On chain Storage: Challenges and Problems – Cooperative Cloud Storage – IPFS – Metadisk – Ethereum love IPFS.

[Hands​ on Session] ​Truffle and Embark Framework Familiarisation – goIPFS

DAY 5: Real world scenarios
Ethereum Metropolis – Hard forking – Ether loots – Current trends in blockchain – Blockchain Myths, IBM Bluemix, Hyperledger composer basics, Hyperledger Play ground Interaction. Hashgraph, R3 Corda, IOTA.

Discussion of various Use Cases using Blockchain – Problem definition, Architecture design