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Learning Design

Start Time

Mar 05, 2019
09:30 AM

End Time

Mar 05, 2019
04:30 PM


Prof. Sivakumar Krishnan


Learning Design

Teaching Squares


Teaching is a self-driven activity in which the teacher is required to be a visible performer almost every day in front of a group of students. This requires a certain level of authenticity about one’s status and performance. An authentic teacher will be able to acknowledge his/ her own struggles in learning and teaching through observation and true self-reflection. With this intention, the Teaching Squares programme offered by VEDIC enables the faculty to focus on a gradual refinementof their teaching and learning practices. The programme was adapted principally from the reference mentioned below and modified to suit the local context.

What is the purpose of the Teaching Squares?

‘Teaching Squares’ are meant to encourage personal self-reflection rather than peer evaluation. Participants focus on what they’ve learned about their own teaching from the process of observing their colleagues and not on feedback (positive or negative) on their colleagues’ classroom practices.

Who are the participants?

Groups of 4 faculty members from different disciplines who were selected for the Inspire-Impact-Introspect Level 2 programme at VEDIC form one square.

How is the Teaching Squares programme conducted?

The programme begins with an initial meeting where the participants share their classroom schedules and session plans with each other. The guidelines for observations are also shared with the team members. The next four weeks are spent in observing each other’s classroom teaching and learning practices, in turn. Since the faculty are from different disciplines, the option of going to the class session of their choice enables them to pick the class for observation based on their interest. They meet after 4 weeks to share their learnings without referring to where or who the learnings were from.

What are the expected outcomes of the programme?

A sharing of best practices in teaching and learning among the participants and their documentation are the expected outcomes. The typical follow up of the Teaching Square includes the implementation of the action plans for the next semester along with team teaching among the participants.

What is the typical duration of the programme?

Typical duration of the programme is 5 weeks including the week of lessons learnt.


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