Chairman's Vision

Sri Vishnu Educational Society (SVES) group committed to producing degrees of excellence and value-added graduates with highest professional and personal quality. SVES group of institutions concerned with providing a quality experience for its internal stakeholders. A 21st century educational circumstance has seen the evolution of an increasingly complex scenario. Globalization demands and force compelling greater attention to the process and products of teaching-learning and evaluation practices. Management is viable to provide the educational quality assurance in a climate of intensified accountability and responsibility.   

VEDIC is established in order to facilitate a creative educational environment by motivating teachers and students towards a proficient and enjoyable educational interaction. VEDIC provides an exposure to research-based, scientifically-proven, and innovative teaching-learning methodologies, to promote high class research in education, to create a collaborative environment to create a diverse academic experience, to create and develop synergy between the teachers and students of higher education. VEDIC invites intellectual individuals to become members of an active learning community to build vital partnerships for improved learning. 





Vice-Chairman's Message 

Teaching is an art, the constituents of an effective teaching includes integrated knowledge of subject expertise, interpersonal rapport, emotional intelligences, psychology and the philosophical skill. Effective teaching is the manifestation of effective learning. Higher education should move towards higher order skills of acquisition and reproduction. VEDIC indeed focuses on building a knowledge-driven society by developing our faculty and students for understanding, applying and creating knowledge, as well as their ability to constantly refresh and upgrade their knowledge. There are many ways to achieve effective teaching that includes (1) introducing innovative pedagogical methods, (2) accelerating active learning practices, (3) creating learning environment for experiential learning, (4) incorporating e-learning and m-learning practices, (5) mentoring of students (6) providing positive reinforcement, (7) building leadership in curricula matter, and (8) authoring textbooks, (9) design and development of learning resources and (10) educational research initiatives   



Director's Message

Nowadays the availability of internet resources for knowledge acquisition, the role of the teacher is changing to that of facilitator and it is a need of the hour to suggest “Flipped Classroom”. Recent day social revolution, demands lot of innovations towards (1) curriculum development, (2) development of teaching-learning environment, (3) learning methods, (4) assessment  techniques and (5) evaluation methods in imparting knowledge to the students. The accreditation bodies like NBA, NAAC and ABET emphasizes a lot of outcome based learning and innovative strategies in academic practices. VEDIC is established to improve educational standards along with creativity, to empower all the stakeholders of SVES group, strengthen governance. 










Secretary's Message 

Maintaining and further enhancing the high quality of an educational environment becomes challenging tasks. The main objective of VEDIC is to nurture our faculties and students community to be conversant with research-based, scientifically proven, widely adopted teaching-learning methodologies. To become an effective teacher one should be energetic, enthusiastic and empathetic with more inquisitiveness. I urge our faculty to approach teaching with as much fervor and passion as we do research, it may set you on an amazing journey of academic exploration and growth.