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Senior Advisor
Area of Expertise: Engineering Epistemology
Phone : +91-9790925489
Email : rajeev.s@srivishnu.edu.in 
Dr. Rajeev Sukumaran is a Senior Advisor, Teaching Learning Centre, IIT Madras. He donned the role of Sr. Advisor for VEDIC too. His Specialization includes Engineering Epistemology. He insist insisted on giving the stress on learner centric approach (Learner Diversity & Motivation Parameters, Use of Learning Outcomes for quality assurance, active & cooperative learning, quality audit of laboratory courses, psychological aspects of learning, reflective teaching etc. ) and not on teacher centric approach
 He conducts various Faculty Development Programmes and trainings on
•    Assessment for Learning
•    Learning 'Learning'
•    Cognitive Load Theory and its impact in Teaching Learning Methods
•    Measuring Quality of Teaching in Higher Education
He focuses on current and emerging teaching-learning methodologies and technologies to motivate the faculty towards professional excellence and satisfaction, to familiarize the diverse group of learners, to write learning outcomes for course, to conduct classes based on active and cooperative learning strategies, and to make an assessment plan.



Ms. Lakshmi D, B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D)
Research officer
 Ms. Lakshmi D is a Research Officer at VEDIC. She has been working in the educational sector since 1998. Her key focus is on exploring the dynamics of learning, dynamics of learner and classroom dynamics suitable to accelerate the learning efficacy of higher education students. Her research area includes educational technology, educational data mining, virtual education and educational psychology. She has been actively involved in educational research and her research papers have been published both in the international conferences as well as in peer-reviewed journals. Her main responsibilities at VEDIC include conducting workshops to foster quality initiative, quality sustenance and quality improvement in higher education, e-learning initiative, providing workshops to faculty members who are interested in integrated technology and researching on educational trends.  



Mr. J Augustine is a Behavior Specialist at VEDIC. He has been working in the field of education since 2005 and has more than12 years of experience in Healthcare and Corporate. His Focus area is on students training such as behavior-based learning and Intellectual learning. Augustine has passion in developing young talent and aspiring students towards their career success and alteration of students’ behavior, including their actions, emotions and thoughts as well. He strongly believes that the students can easily prevent from the disruptive behavior in the classroom and excel in their academics.



Ms. Jebaselvi A is a Behavior Specialist at VEDIC. Her background is in English and Behavioural Psychology. She has been working in the area of education and training since 2005. She helps to coordinate Functional Assessments of Behaviour and Behaviour Intervention Plan that address students’ inappropriate behaviours and provide a means to help the students become more academically successful. She identifies the critical factors and offers research-based information about how our students learn as well as strategies to address each facet of the learning-behaviour connection.  She believes academic achievement can be greatly enhanced through proactive and positive behaviour management in quality learning environments. 




Ch Srinivasa Rao is an Administrative Officer at Vedic. He has 20 years of experience in the Industries and Educational sector. He manages centre operations and handles general administration work. He is responsible for performing various duties related to planning, coordinating, and supervising the operations of the learning centre activities.